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Before we begin, throughout the site are detailed descriptions from Chris Watton. Chris was one of the original designers/ builders of the H.M.S. Fly kit, and we are extremely lucky to have his input on our site. His knowledge is second to none and I would highly recommend taking the time to read his notes.

HMS Fly Circa 1776. Sixth Rate Swan Class Ship Rigged Sloop

Scale: 1:64, Length O/A: 810mm, Height O/A: 620mm

Welcome to my build of the HMS FLY, I would class myself as a beginner to intermediate builder and this site is here in the hope it will be of some help to other aspiring model builders.

That was written a few years ago and it seems the site is very popular. As you go through the site you will see help and ideas from other model builders who found my site and have kindly added to it. There is allot of information through out the site, and a blog that you find very helpful. So on we go.....

The HMS FLY was recommended to me as an ideal build for someone who is relatively new to period ship building. I have found the kit to be of a very high standard and the instructions and plans to be very helpfully. However I would recommend that you purchase a couple of books to help you. I have found the Period Ship Kit Builder's Manual (Paperback) by Keith Julier RRP £14.95(ISBN:1-85486-228-6) and The New Period Ship Handbook (Paperback) also by Keith Julier RRP £14.95(ISBN:1-85486-233-2) Very helpfully. The second of which will be invaluable if building H.M.S. Victory, Agamemmon, Mars, Endeavour, Lady Nelson as these are covered in more detail in this book, but techniques are transferable to any build though.

When it comes to rigging I've found that The Art of Rigging (Paperback) by George Biddlecombe RRP £5.50 (ISBN:0-486-26343-6) a very good source for the many names that are given to rigging tackle and blocks etc.of which i had no idea about at the time of this build. Also the The Arts of the Sailor: Knotting, Splicing and Ropework (Paperback) by Hervey Garrett Smith RRP £9.99 (ISBN:0-486-26440-8)was of great help with basic knots used throughout this stage of the build.

I have tried to categorize each section of the build to help with clarity but as with any project there will be some overlap with each section. I would suggest that as you build your ship you treat each stage as a separate project that way you will attain a high quality finished model.

H.M.S. Fly Kit H.M.S. Fly Plans
H.M.S Fly Kit One of the Plans Supplied


FIRST: Look at the kit and make sure all the parts are there. I have found that the kit does not show in any detail what each piece is so here is a PDF on Components for the kit, with a big thank you to Lloyd Matthews for producing this for us all to use.

Next: Take a look at the Common Mistakes and Remedies before you start each section. There may be important information here that will save you time and frustration.

Hint: Don't forget that as things are drying you can start painting the etched parts/ glazing the windows/making ladders and other little projects. I found that this has helped me have a consistent build and i've felt that things have moved on instead of getting frustrated while waiting to complete a task. Please refer to the "Useful Tools" section for my suggestions on equipment. Once you have your cutters/pliers/grips etc they should last for many years. Just don't let your partner know how much you spent!

NEW Section.. "The Captain's Cabin" ....why not go the extra mile and truly make an exceptional model? With detailed help and modeling techniques from a fellow builder (Lloyd Matthews) we will show you how to add fine detail to this section.

If you intend to do this section view the attached notes “Please Read Before You Start” as they will give a brief overview of the proposed changes.

Good luck and Happy Modeling.

Here is a little bit of history on the H.M.S. Fly. Read on

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NEW FOR 2019!


There is no particular order below I will add items as they are done.

Captains Cabin Sea Chest : This is an addition to the Captains cabin.


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